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Apr 18 2011

Live Well, Age Well Expo

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Hey Everyone!

We are looking for volunteers to help out with the Live Well, Age Well Expo, a health expo focusing on intergenerational health and promotion of healthy behaviors. Website:

1) We need 6-8 people to help with basic staffing needs on the day of the event, helping guests find their way around or answering basic questions. Volunteers will be trained. Let me know as soon as you can if you want to help out with this!!!

2) There is also a need for volunteers to help put up flyers on campus and around Corvallis. This can be a fun way to volunteer for a couple of hours with a group or individually.

The expo is scheduled for Saturday May 14, 2011, from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and will be held at the Linn County Fair Grounds.

Please Oke Tammik know if you are interested in taking part in this great volunteering opportunity! Email him at

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Apr 07 2011

Corvallis Earth Connect

Love the environment? Love volunteering? Well, I have the perfect event that will allow you to get involved in our community. Corvallis Earth Connect is an event the Community Service Center is putting on in conjunction with the City of Corvallis on April 16th to celebrate Earth Day. The event starts out at Avery Park at 10am with a procession of volunteer stations doing environmental work through Avery and Pioneer Park. At the same time the Corvallis Farmer’s Market is opening for business this season downtown. There will also be an Earth Fair and Parade downtown as well. We would LOVE for you to come but more importantly we would LOVE for you to VOLUNTEER at this event. Particularly, we need volunteers, especially groups, to run the stations along Avery Park. If interested please contact the CSC at 541 737 3041 or email Nate Bodie at

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Apr 06 2011

Tool Lending Library

Hey Beavers!

Love tools? Are you a born leader? Do you organize projects well? Well then I have the opportunity for you!
Habitat for Humanity of Corvallis is looking to establish a tool lending library within their ReStore center. They are looking for 1-2 great students set up all the processes and procedures to get this going, work with our ReStore Director to select the tools and prepare the initial marketing information for the launch. It would require between 20 and 30 hours in research and implementation work done at your convenience over a period of a few months. This can be done by one person or a two person team.

Interested? Of course you are! Habitat would even hire an intern to do this work. If you want more information please contact the Community Service Center at 541 737 3041 or email

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Feb 24 2011

Volunteer needed at Overnight Men’s Shelter

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Hey lovely Beavers!
Starting this coming Sunday the Corvallis Overnight Men’s Shelter is in need someone of to come to the shelter and sleep. This person would bring their own sleeping bag and come to the shelter at about 10:45- 7:00am and sleep in a special sleeping area for the overnight volunteer. This space is separate from the men staying at the shelter. There is a paid person who stays awake all night, the volunteer “sleeper” is just in case the awake person needs help. It is an easy way to get some community service hours.They would be able to leave first thing in the morning. Essentially all the person has to do is sleep there. Please, please contact the Community Service Center if you’re interested.
Thank you!

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Feb 10 2010

Alternative Spring Break Info Session

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Come and learn how you can lend a hand to Oregon by attending the OSU Community Service Center’s Alternative Spring Break trips info session. We have two great opportunities this 2010 break: a 2-3 day trip to Woodburn, OR and a week long trip around Oregon doing a variety of service projects along with University of Oregon students. Join us for our info session! Refreshments will be provided.

Check out the Facebook Event: Alternative Spring Break Info Session and add yourself to the guest list
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Oct 20 2009

Kip Fulbeck Promotes Acceptance of Multiracial Identities

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Fulbeck promotes acceptance of multiracial identities
UC Santa Barbara professor Kip Fulbeck speaks nationally on racial identity, pop culture

The Daily Barometer

Issue date: 10/14/09 Section: News

By Makenzie Marineau

A professor of art at UC Santa Barbara, Kip Fulbeck, shared a multi-media presentation Tuesday night in the MU Ballroom on multicultural identity and diversity.

Fulbeck shared his knowledge and expertise as a Hapa (half white/half Asian) member of American society for the event sponsored by Oregon State’s Justice in Leadership for the Community.

Fulbeck spent 10 years in filmmaking before he began speaking nationwide on identity, multiraciality and pop culture. His presentation touched on topics of diversity and identity but actively involved the audience.

With a combination of films Fulbeck has made about his own life as a Hapa and pop quizzes engaging the audiences members to test their skills in pop culture and more serious issues that America faces, Fulbeck aimed to make the audience think. He quizzed the audience with questions from “Who sings the song ‘Halo’?” to questions concerning global warming, politics and geography, such as asking “In what country is Darfur located?”

“I want the crowd to leave more conscious than when they came in, be more savvy about the information they know,” Fulbeck said. “I am really interested in people’s opinions and love to have discussions about important issues with the audience.”

Being born to a Chinese mother and an English/Irish father, Fulbeck grew up relating to mixed-race identity. In creating the Hapa Project, Fulbeck was able to promote a more realistic portrayal of multiracial identity by asking “What are you?” This project started when he couldn’t just check one box when he was asked what nationality or race he was, because he fit in more than one.

The Hapa Project led to a book, “Part Asian, 100% Hapa,” and an exhibition at the Japanese American National Museum. Fulbeck has continued working on reaching out to people with issues of multiracial identity with three other books. His newest is called “Mixed: Portraits of Multiracial Kids.”

“This project forced me to be around people that were different than me,” Fulbeck said. “Identity is only defined by you.”

Fulbeck pointed out that diversity is age, religion, physical ability, sexual preference and much more. Another one of Fulbeck’s books that presents people, their tattoos and their stories behind them was also shared, reminding the audience that tattoos are not always voluntary by showing a woman who survived a concentration camp and her identification number tattooed on her arm.

Miranda Linville, a senior majoring in women studies, said she feels that these are topics of discussions she is continually having with people.

“It was just great to be here tonight around all these people who are all trying to build a better climate on campus regarding multiracial issues. It is really inspiring to realize you can contribute to helping people find their identity and your own.”

For Milika “Tonga” Hopoi, a student who transferred to OSU in the spring but was born in Tonga, she felt opinions Fulbeck touched on reiterated her own ideas and opinions.

“I sometimes felt I was the only one who felt that way about certain issues, but he was up there saying the same things that I have thought as well,” Hopoi said.

Fulbeck will continue to spread his work and continue to teach where he can heavily impact students.

Makenzie Marineau, staff writer


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Oct 19 2009

Make an impact this Make A Difference Day

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For national Make A Difference Day, October 24th, Oregon State’s Community Service Center is putting on a cleanup of Oak Creek in Corvallis. The day will involve pulling invasive species to improve the environmental quality of the creek. If you are interested in volunteering everyone will be meeting at OSU’s main parking lot near the bookstore at 10:00 am, from where we will walk over to the cleanup site. Gloves will be provided, but volunteers should bring clothes and shoes that they are comfortable with getting dirty. Hope to see you all there this Saturday!

environmental beaver

Check out Make A Difference Day for more information on the largest service day in the United States!

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