Jun 04 2010

Healthy Habits Day 2010!

Sunday May 23rd was the second annual Healthy Habits Day put on by the Oregon State University Community Service Center. It was held at Community Outreach Inc. a different venue from last year’s event, which was held at OSU’s Dixon Recreation Center. The idea this year was to work with a community organization to help educate the general public about different ways they could incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives to help foster their well being. How do you do that you ask? Well we had Community Outreach Inc. participate by inviting their underserved community to the event, also organizations form Oregon State University and OHSU joined us to help put on the event. Among the groups was the Pre-Pharmacy club, OSU Dietician Ann Merchant and OHSU helped by lending exhibits to the event as well. Participants walked around the set up of interactive exhibits and nutritional information tables learning different facts about the ingredients in many popular foods and additives of some popular snacks such as Nutri-Grain bars and soda beverages. There were also exhibits that related to serving portions and measuring physical condition through a sit-up challenge designed for children. This was our first attempt at relocating an event off of the OSU campus to help the larger Corvallis community, and it was a success, we are eager to partner with other organizations from around the city and OSU to continue to foster this growing relationship between the OSU campus and the greater Corvallis Community. Go Beavers!

-Alfonso Jimenez

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