As with some earlier podcasts, this stimulating conversation with Dr. Elinor Ostrom is also in two parts. Ostrom, the Arthur F. Bentley Professor of Political Science, Indiana University, and Co-Director, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, brings a broad, system-based perspective to a discussion of responding to climate change. Having an appropriate, workable governance […]

No, this podcast has not quietly died, nor has the topic gone away (clearly). Instead, scheduling with several prospective — and very interesting — interviewees has become becalmed because of summer changes in people’s availability. We expect the podcasts to resume by early fall. Thank you for your interest and patience, and please check back.

To help listeners, we’ve added table of content files to the original podcast postings. See below in Episode 1: Anthony Leiserowitz and Episode 2: Susanne Moser. Now all podcasts have these handy contents lists.