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Oregon Foundation Supports CCVM Researcher

May 17th, 2018

Dr. Jean Hall is researching the effects of feeding selenium-fortified hay to cattle as a method of improving their health. The outcome of her research is expected to influence how cattle health issues are addressed.

Hall receives support for her research from the Agricultural Research Foundation, an organization that is unique to Oregon.

“Funding I have received through the ARF Competitive Grant Funding has played a significant role in helping my colleagues and I advance this frontier to discover best practices in (selenium) supplementation,” Hall said.

The importance of selenium has been known for decades, but the most effective method of delivery to cattle is still being investigated. Hall said in the report that she believes “increasing the bioavailable concentrations of selenium in forage through the use of selenium fertilizer is the most economical and practical method to provide supplementation to cattle.”

Hall is using her 2016-2018 grant on the focus of feeding selenium-enriched alfalfa hay to weaned beef calves for eight weeks to see if it improves performance and health.

Hall said she “believes (selenium supplementation) can be readily adapted to Oregon cattle production systems.”

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