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New Advocate for Vet Techs

December 6th, 2013

OSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Alisa Kraxberger is looking forward to working with large animals again. Growing up around horses and farm animals, Kraxberger’s goal was to become an equine veterinary technician. But once she was out in the job market, that dream went on hold when she discovered the pay was better at specialty hospitals.

After receiving her CVT, Kraxberger worked in general practice and then spent five years at VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists as a surgery technician. “I loved surgery. I loved the O.R.,” she says.

Now, as the new Patient Services Coordinator in the OSU Large Animal Hospital, Kraxberger will finally fulfill her goal of working with large animals. She will spend two days a week in the office, and three days a week as a technician. She will also serve as an advocate and liaison for the twelve large animal CVTs working round-the-clock shifts at the VTH. “Right now I’m meeting with all the technicians to get to know them, address their concerns, and see how we can improve things,” she says. “I’m looking forward to doing some swing and overnight shifts; it is important for me to get to know those technicians as well.” Kraxberger meets almost every day with the hospital directors and Small Animal Coordinators. “I feel very welcomed,” she says. “I’d like to bring relief to people – that is my goal.”

With a 30% increase in case load at the large animal hospital in the past few years, some administrative projects were put on hold. Although still in training, Kraxberger has already been able to tackle jobs like updating phone lists and improving forms.

In her spare time Kraxberger likes to run, especially on trails. She also chases after her two kids, Kohen, age 6.5, and Paige who just turned 5.

Kraxberger is excited to be working at a university hospital and looking forward to new challenges. “I like the prestige of working for a university,” she says. “I feel very fortunate to be here.”


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