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Specially Trained Dogs Help Oregon State Police

November 14th, 2013

sadieThe nine dogs in the Oregon State Police Drug Detection Canine program have tracked down their fair share of illegal drugs. The dogs’ keen sense of smell makes them top-notch search engines for vehicles, storage facilities, luggage and other drug hiding places. “Our drug detection canines have proven to be important partners for our department and other public safety agencies both on and off the road,” said Sgt. Dave Beck, who has coordinated the State Police canine crew for 21 years.

The dogs and their trooper-handlers went through an intensive training course and certification process before joining the program.  Like other canine law enforcement assistants, the drug sniffing dogs go home each day as part of their handler’s family.

In 2012, Oregon State Police dogs assisted in the seizure of 200 pounds of Marijuana, 110 Marijuana plants, 55 pounds of Cocaine, 82 pounds of Heroin, and 49 pounds of Methamphetamine.

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