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Humane Society Kitty Cam

February 5th, 2013

In the past two years, nearly 100,000 cat lovers from 120 countries have played with the cats in the Oregon Humane Society’s (OHS)  robotic cat playroom.

Did they hop on a plane for their yearly fix of feline fun? Nope, cat fans from all over the world can sit at home and use their computers to control the whiz-bang fuzzy tails and spinning gew-gaws that engage the cats in a glass-walled room at the OHS shelter in north Portland. Of course, cats being cats, they only play when they are in the mood.

One word of caution: The robotic cat playroom can be addictive. The average interactive time per viewer is 15 minutes and 85% of people who visit the site, return to play again. But the playroom is more than just frivolous fun for humans, it also serves a valuable purpose for the shelter: It helps socialize the cats and reduce boredom. And it has increased cat adoptions at the OHS by 16%.


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