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Villarroel Certified Acupuncturist

December 21st, 2012

The Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Teaching Hospital has it’s first certified acupuncturist. After six long months of online and on-site training, and two very tough exams, Dr. Aurora Villarroel, Assistant Professor in the Rural Veterinary Practice (RVP), was recently awarded her certification in veterinary acupuncture by the Chi Institute.

“We are already using it on patients we see through RVP,” says Villarroel. “Any animal with chronic pain is a good candidate for acupuncture treatment. The frequency depends on the length of time the animal has been affected, the specific disease and the constitution of the animal (how well it reacts to acupuncture).” Viilarroel is also using it to ease pain in two vultures at the Chintimini Wildlife Rehabiliation Center. See related story.

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