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October 31st, 2012

Dr. Olivier Keravel discusses oncology with Dr. Stuart Helfand.


When Stuart Helfand attended the International Congress on Anti-Cancer Treatment in Paris, France last spring, he met another veterinarian interested in cancer care for pets.

Dr. Olivier Keravel has a veterinary practice outside Paris where nearly 40% of his work is in oncology so it’s no surprise that he and Helfand had a meeting of the minds. Keravel established the first CT in France used to detect mestastic disease in pets and he is very interested in Helfand’s groundbreaking work in the immunology of cancer. “Stuart is well known for this work” he says. “I think immunotherapy will change veterinary practice in the next 20 years.”

For the past two weeks Keravel has been visiting the OSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) to observe and exchange ideas on chemo protocols with Helfand. “It is good to be back in academia,” says Kervel. “When you are in private practice, it is good to see a different way of working.”

While at OSU, Keravel also consulted with Dr. Steiger-Vanegas, head of Diagnostic Imaging at the VTH, on the English translation of a guidebook he has written on the use of computed tomography.

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