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41,980 Pounds of Food

March 14th, 2012

'Raining Cans and Dogs' was the winning entry in the food art contest at CVM.

It’s hard to believe that a college that has only 224 students could gather 41,980 pounds of food in a few weeks but CVM did it!

Thanks to the hard work of the Food Drive Committee, and the generous staff, faculty, and friends of the college, this year Vet Med came in third for pounds of food in the University Food Drive. They also raised nearly $4,000 in cash from bake sales, a raffle, a chili cook-off, a silent auction, a food art contest, and many great soup sales! Plus another $4,232 from payroll deductions.

All the food drive committee members worked really hard but special thanks are due to the three new moms in the group: Josie Corliss (baby Evan born in August), Jana Gordon (baby Harper born in September), and Robyn Panico (baby Scarlet born in October) who juggled jobs, kids, and lots of food!

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