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OSU K9 research may aid human cancer treatment

June 16th, 2011

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A dog diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer is beating the odds.  He’s alive today, thanks to some breakthrough cancer research by Oregon State University veterinarians.

Nine-year-old golden retriever Orion was diagnosed about three months ago with stage four cancer, an aggressive type known as hemangiosarcoma that spread throughout his body.

“Essentially when we met him he had all the odds stacked against him and that he’s come this far is nothing short of a small miracle,” said Dr. Stuart Helfand, OSU Oncology Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine.

Veterinarians say in the past, dogs with his type of situation survived only for about a week.

But Orion’s been wagging his tail for three months since his diagnosis.

Click to see story and video by Heather Turner, KEZI-TV.

(See also the owner Jody Kujovich’s story in the last Vet Gazette.)

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