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IVSA Travel Scholarship awarded

May 24th, 2011

The Oregon International Veterinary Student Association (IVSA) was very impressed with the applications received for the 2011 IVSA Travel Scholarship. “It’s very exciting to read about all the international veterinary travel that students are participating in this summer. We wish we could offer everyone a scholarship, but unfortunately we can only offer one,” said Leslie Dunham, executive committee member. The winner of the 2011 IVSA Travel Scholarship is Kathleen Kraska, class of 2013.  Kathleen will be asked to talk on her experiences in the fall. Other applicants are invited to share their international veterinary experiences as well. Congratulations to Kathleen Kraska.

“South Pacific Animal Welfare is a non-profit group that I have been invited to volunteer with after having worked with the director in the Cook Islands through the Esther Honey Program. They are a non-profit group that provides much needed veterinary care to large and small animals on the island of Tonga. The group also organizes and conducts spay/neuter campaigns on the outer Tongan islands in an effort to preserve the biodiversity of the native wildlife while promoting health and well-being for the companion animals of the area,” Kathleen offered.

Volunteer veterinarians, technicians, and animal assistants from around the world work together in very rustic conditions to safely spay and neuter the island animals along with providing general wellness care to these animals. Additionally, the group promotes community awareness around proper pet care, humane animal treatment, dog obedience, and local involvement in the projects.

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