Facilities Services will be performing annual load bank testing for the below listed building emergency/ stand-by generators.  Each test will take approximately 3 hours. There may be excessive noise and possible exhaust fume odors associated with testing.  Each generator will be refueled after testing.

Week of July 1st

  • Parking Garage
  • Gill Coliseum
  • Magruder MRI
  • Radiation Center

Week of July 8th

  • EH&S
  • James E. Oldfield Animal Teaching Facility
  • Crop Science
  • Strand Ag

Week of July 15th

  • Owen Hall
  • Vacuum Vault
  • Goss Stadium
  • John L. Fryer Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory Salmon Disease Lab # 2

Week of July 22nd

  • Portable # 1
  • Portable # 2
  • Portable # 5

For questions or comments on this notice contact, Facilities Services at 541-737-2969.

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