May 11-12: Tusenfryd!

Norway’s Amusement Park! Tor took us to Tusenfryd on Friday, but it was closed to the public–only open for a private group from Oslo. It felt so wrong, but it was probably perfect. The kids got to see the park and get themselves both excited and prepared for the big rides. I got to see the park, but got to stay home on Saturday with Kristine. Everyone wins!

There were some big rides, Nora was big enough for all of them but didn’t choose to go on all of the biggest fastest ones. It also has an all-wood roller coaster, which they went on and said was really loud! But no pictures.

There were some water rides, mostly they didn’t get too wet but Anders took a splash.

Ragnarok! Look out Odin! The World Serpent is behind you!

Anders rode the Speed Monster, and the commemorative key chain was priceless! This was actually the 2nd time he rode it. The acceleration was fast!

The Steampunk Hunters ride had a virtual reality aspect, but Nora didn’t wear the headset. She decided that reality was enough.

Bumper cars are always a hit.

Nora loved the big swing! She is there with her arms out. Everyone came home happy, no one puked, which seems a bit of a miracle. What a treat!

While they were at the amusement park, Kristine and I took a long walk from their house, through some woods and farmland, the long way on trails to downtown Ås. Luna came with us, it was a long walk for her. We had lunch at the cafe where Kristine’s daughter works, and the Ås international women’s group was there having their regular Saturday coffee, so we sat and chatted with them for a bit. Then we had a bit of shopping–found some clothes and came across a yarn store going out a business and got some great deals! We took the bus back home and actually did some work on an article that Kristine was working on.

We ended the day by watching the grand finale of the Eurovision contest! Norway’s entry was fun, but not our favorite and didn’t win.

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