Writing Exercise #3

Brainstorm a list of behaviors that an individual could engage in that could cause changes to a gut microbial community. 

  1. Eating diverse food – Different food types will provided different nutrient and vitamin, and having these kind of resource could increase the diverse range of gut microbes. The more diverse the microbes inside the guts, the better they could maintain our health. Eating something like vegetable and fruits could help us intake more fiver that benefit the growth of microbes in out gut, too.
  2. Take probiotics and health supplements – Nowadays, people been really busy on their daily tasks that fewer and fewer people have time to manage their diet or exercise. Consuming probiotics and some health supplements like vitamin K or vitamin C could help our guts maintain some of the basic need on specific nutrient that we can not produce by our own.  Some probiotics also can prevent bad microbes for over growing.
  3. Limit intake of antibiotics  – Antibiotics might been the fastest way to cure a infection or fever, but it also have a potential of killing some of the microbes that are benefit to us. In addition, antibiotics also have a potential of helping some bad microbes become stronger once they overcome the damage of antibiotics.
  4. Stay Clean – “long-stay care” environment is one of the factor for having a healthy microbes in out guts, doing things like washing hands before and after you eat, and cleaning house once a day to limited the possibility of intake any microbes into our body.

Writing Exercise #2

Which HPV strains should be covered in a new treatment?

By reading article Viruses and Human Cancer from Sarid and Gao. I said that out of the 100 types of Human papillomavirus (HPV) that had been identified, due to the limit resource in our society, we can’t provide all kinds of HPVs to everyone. As a healthcare professional, I will recommend the strains covered HPVs 16, 18, 31 and 45 as a priority. Because those are the HPVs that correlated almost 80% of the cervical cancer, also categorize as High-risk cases. If there’s more available resource, I would recommend two more HPVs to be in the cover strains, which is the types 6 and 11. These HPV might not be carcinogenic, but they are the cause of genital warts, which is also a common disease that transmitted between human is the U.S.

If all of those treatment could be in vaccine, it should be administered priority to new born and young people, which is any time before the age of 10-12 which is the age they could possibly have any sexual intercourse. So we could prevented them be exposure to any HPV. Of course, we should double check whether it will cost any side effect on young human immune system before giving the vaccine.



Writing Exercise 1 – human non-infectious diseases

List as many human non-infectious diseases that you can think of that are influenced by microorganisms.

  • Inflammantory Bowel disease
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Asthma
  • autoimmune diseases
  • Lupus
  • Ceilac
  • allergen

I know that if a disease that are cost by microorganisms are called pathogens.  Mostly cause by Viruses and Bacteria, sometime even fungi. Some of the diseases are not contagious which mean i can’t be spread from one to another, and we called those the non-inflections diseases.