The following faculty members have expressed an interest in working with undergraduate researchers:

  • Jonathan Fram – Come to sea with the Ocean Observatories Initiative: students assist with deploying and recovering moorings, gliders, profilers; on land they will analyze data to understand processes
  • Jennifer (Jenny) Hutchings – research interests revolve around sea ice dynamics and mechanics
  • Jim Lerczak – Internal waves in coastal ocean, estuarine sciences, buoyant coastal currents from rivers
  • Karen Shell – Climate modeling, climate feedbacks (clouds, water vapor, snow and sea ice, etc.), climate variability and change, Earth’s energy budget
  • Andreas Schmittner – Climate change, ocean circulation, paleoclimate, ocean biogeochemical cycles
  • Simon de Szoeke – Tropical meteorology, low clouds, atmosphere-ocean interactions
  • Justin Wettstein – Atmospheric general circulation; modern and paleo climate dynamics; a process / mechanistic-based understanding of climate variability and change; statistical methods; climate and society
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