The following faculty members have expressed an interest in working with undergraduate researchers:

  • Lorenzo Ciannelli – Fisheries oceanography, ecology of fish early life history stages, effects of climate on fish spatial and temporal dynamics, biostatistical modeling, field analyses of fish ecology and distribution
  • Frederick (Rick) Colwell – the study of microbes in different Earth systems (geomicrobiology) and the physical and chemical features of different environments that structure their communities
  • Byron Crump – Microbial communities in aquatic ecosystems
  • Jennifer Fehrenbacher – Research focuses on the development and application of proxies for reconstructing ocean temperature, pH, and nutrients using, primarily, the geochemistry of foraminifera.
  • Miguel Goni – Chemical oceanography, organic matter cycling, land-ocean connectivity, coastal and arctic oceanography
  • Lauren (Laurie) Juranek – Study marine ecosystems using chemistry; interested in understanding how organisms and ecosystems respond to environmental changes
  • Maria Kavanaugh
  • Ricardo M Letelier – Microbial Oceanography; phytoplankton ecology; bio-optics; remote sensing; focussed on the study of how microbial assemblages perceive and respond to environmental perturbations at different spatial and temporal scales.
  • Andrew Thurber – Microbe-metazoan Interactions. Deep-Sea and Polar Ecology.  Food Web Dynamics. Deep-sea reducing habitats.  Annelid ecology.
  • George Waldbusser – The ecology and biogeochemistry of marine sediments and estuarine ecosystems with a focus on benthic invertebrates, and working questions from physiology and ecosystem scales.
  • Rob Wheatcroft – Clastic sedimentology and stratigraphy; sediment transport; seafloor properties; coastal oceanography; early diagenesis; bioturbation




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