The following faculty members have expressed an interest in working with undergraduate researchers:

  • Edward Brook – Paleoclimatology, history of greenhouse gases from ice cores, geochemistry
  • Christo Buizert – Ice Core lab
  • John Dilles – Geology and geochemistry of mineral deposits, field & structural geology, economic geology
  • Todd Jarvis – Engineering geology, geography of groundwater, online dispute resolution
  • Adam Kent – Behavior and evolution of magmatic and volcanic systems. Studies of silicate melt inclusions. In-situ trace element and isotopic measurement techniques in the Earth Sciences.
  • Peter Ruggiero – Research focuses on coastal geomorphology and coastal hazards including topics such as the ecomorphodynamics of coastal dunes, shoreline evolution, and observing nearshore sandbar change with personal watercraft
  • Adam Schultz – Use of geophysical imaging methods to study the structure, fluid distribution, composition, temperature and state of the Earth’s interior from the near-surface scale to the deep mantle.
  • Alyssa Shiel – Research focuses on the development and application of geochemical tools for tracing source, transport, transformations, and fate of metals in the environment
  • Shan de Silva – Formation and eruption of supervolcanoes, magma chamber processes, interaction of tectonics and magmatism, geomorphology of planetary surfaces
  • Frank Teply – Formation and evolution of volcanic systems, timescales of volcanic processes, electron probe microscopy
  • Anne Trehu – Marine geophysics applied to crustal structure, earthquakes and gas hydrates in subduction zone forearcs – current research in Cascadia and Chile (on sabbatical until spring 2018)


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