The following faculty members have expressed an interest in working with undergraduate researchers:

  • Larry Becker – Cultural geography with special attention to the Global South
  • Lorene (Laurie) Becker – Application of Geospatial technologies (Geographic information systems, Remote sensing and Global positioning systems) to Land use and Sustainability issues
  • Shireen Hyrapiet – Topics in cultural and urban geography, political ecology. The Non-Western World with a focus on South Asia and more specifically, India
  • Julia Jones – landscape dynamics, disturbance, hydrology, climate, forest management, spatial and time-series analysis, network dynamics, plant-pollinator interactions
  • Aaron Wolf – Water resources policy and conflict resolution, middle east geopolitics, transboundary water conflicts, environmental polcy analysis
  • David Wrathall – Interested in how marginalized people in vulnerable places migrate in order to adapt to climate change impacts
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