Johnson Interns Poster Session

The 2018 Johnson Interns Poster Session will take place on Monday, Nov. 26, from 6 to 7 p.m. on the second floor of the Learning Innovation Center. The following posters will be presented by the students named below. (Mentors and affiliated institutions are identified in parentheses after the poster title.)

Pete and Rosalie Johnson established the Pete and Rosalie Johnson Undergraduate Internship Program to support undergraduates in the School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering. The Johnson Internship is available to any CBEE student who has successfully completed the first year CBEE courses CBEE 101 (or equivalent COE intro engineering course) and CBEE 102.

  • Emi Ampo (BioE), “Perfusate Tonicity and its Effects on Osmotic Damage in a Porcine Renal Model” (Higgins/OSU)
  • Solomon Baez (BioE), “Perfusate Tonicity and its Effects on Cryoprotectant Delivery in a Porcine Renal Model” (Higgins/OSU)
  • Renuka Bhatt (ChE), “Sustainable Solar Thermal Energy” (AuYeung/OSU)
  • Anne Chhing (BioE), “Quantifying Fluid Dynamics of Fetal Heart Defects by using Computational Methods on ADINA” (Rugonyi /OHSU)
  • Kacy Childress (ChE), “Effect of Roadside Tree Lines on Outdoor Concentrations of Traffic-Derived Particulate Matter” (Linda George/PSU)
  • Cameron Chun (BioE), “Algorithmic Computational Modeling of Congenital Chicken Embryo Hearts With Ventricular Defects” (Rugonyi/OHSU)
  • Andrew Gates (ChE), “Thin Film Transistors Via Dip Coating” (Chang/OSU)
  • Marisela Gonzalez Crawford (EnvE), “Interactions between Haematococcus Extracellular Polymeric Substances  and Gold Nanoparticles” (Nason/OSU)
  • Tucker Holstun (ChE), “Lithium Ion Battery Cathodes with Enhanced Capacity and Cycling Stability Via a Novel Sol-Gel Coating” (Feng/OSU)
  • Alekos Hovekamp (ChE), “UiO-66 Synthesis Conditions and Growth on Silica Nanofibers” (Chang/OSU)
  • Riley Humbert (ChE), “Role of Carbon Supports for Pd/Au Nanoparticle-Based Catalysts” (Jaio/PSU)
  • Melanie Huynh (BioE), “Using Machine-Learning to Model Adsorption of Nano-Porous Materials” (Simon/OSU)
  • Sophia Jones (ChE), “Thinner Films: Synthesis and characterization of nano-structured compounds” (Dave Johnson/UO)
  • Kyra Kadhim (BioE), “Modeling the Mechanical Properties of a Human Spinal Disc” (Rochefort/OSU)
  • Zavi Kaul (ChE), “Testing the Reliability of a Spinal Disc Emulator ” (Rochefort/OSU)
  • Mira Khare (ChE), “Deciphering the genetic code using ConvNets” (Simon/OSU)
  • Lauren Lippman (ChE), “Inactivation of Microorganisms Using UV Radiation and a Microfluidic Reactor” (Navab/OSU)
  • Francine Mendoza (ChE), “Finite element analysis to investigate the cause of venous collapse after stent placement” (Rugonyi/OHSU)
  • Rachel O’Brien (BioE), “Expression of “Click Chemistry” Immobilized β-glucosidase Mutants by Genetic Code Expansion for Bioactive Coatings” (Schilke/OSU)
  • Kian Patel (ChE), “Lyophilization of Phenylalanine Dehydrogenase” (Fu/OSU)
  • Rachel Polaski (BioE), “Paper Microfluidic Device for Phenylketonuria Therapy” (Fu/OSU)
  • Heidi Reed (ChE), “Ammonia Inhibition of Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal and Gresham Sludge with FOG Addition” (Radniecki/OSU)
  • AJ Rise (BioE), “Facet Analysis of Pt-implanted γ-Al2O3” (Arnadottir/OSU)
  • Rees Rosene (BioE), “Bone Morphogenic Proteins: Implications for Cellular Regeneration.” (Giers/OSU)
  • Elizabeth Rupp (BioE), “Form Follows Function: the Toxicological Effects of Shape, Size, and Surface Stabilization” (Harper/OSU)
  • Katherine Trese (BioE), “Platelet presence maintains activity of contact pathway members in coagulation ” (McCarty/OHSU)
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