Kylee Mockler Martens honored with Global Consciousness Award


Photo of Kylee Mockler-Martens and Skip Rochefort
Kylee Mockler Martens is congratulated by Professor Skip Rochefort at the Global Beavers Gala on May 13, 2018.

Chemical engineering senior Kylee Mockler Martens was honored with a 2017-18 Global Consciousness Award.  The award is presented annually to students who are recognized for academic and extracurricular accomplishments that have local and global community impact, connecting their field of study to the rest of the world, and for personal values that exhibit global awareness and involvement.

Mockler Martens will graduate in June with a degree in chemical engineering, the International Degree, and a Spanish minor. Among the highlights of her time at Oregon State, Mockler Martens lists studying abroad in Santander, Spain, acting as conference chair for the Pacific Northwest Regional American Institute of Chemical Engineers Conference, and assisting international students at her campus job at INTO.

Last summer,  Mockler Martens completed a 10-week internship in Concepcion, Chile, where she worked on a project involving plastic pyrolysis, which converts waste plastics into fuel.  She wrote her International Degree thesis on the full-scale implementation of plastic pyrolysis into Chile’s municipal solid waste management system.

Mockler Martens remains passionate about plastics and the environment, and says she hopes to continue working to improve current plastic recycling systems globally.

“I hope to inspire other OSU students to find ways to improve people’s lives around the world,” she said.

The Global Consciousness Award is presented by the Global Beavers Team, whose stated mission is “to create an informed community of globally minded, diversity-driven students regardless of their place of birth.”

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