Our OSUWebComm Slack community is 75 members strong (2017 edit: 196!), and is a good resource for people looking to connect with web people around the university, share announcements, events and tips, and generally to improve our working day.

Because of its popularity, I believe that some governance, expectations, and community values should be articulated. Not because I expect bad behavior, but to set expectations for a safe, fun environment and to provide a clear path in the case something happens. Thanks goes to the Vox Product Code of Conduct for providing a CoC roadmap.


Please contact one of the OSUWebComm community administrators if you have a question, or an issue that you would like to discuss. You can contact us directly through Slack or by email.

Erin Martin
Kegan Sims
Jose Cedeno


Membership to the OSUWebComm Slack community is open to ANY employee (faculty, staff, courtesy) of Oregon State University or an associated group of Oregon State University (such as a foundation or nonprofit) who has an interest in communicating better on the Internet.

Right now students of Oregon State University are allowed to join on a case-by-case basis. For instance, I allowed a MFA student to join to see how we used the community. For the most part, however, this community is for employees.

Employees who are also students are welcome to join.

At this time, membership is open to anyone with an oregonstate.edu or osufoundation.org email address.


The OSUWebComm Slack Community is a safe, fun place for all of our members, and we want to keep it that way. Respect, sharing, and teamwork are values we believe in, and that should be applied across the OSUWebComm community.

Expected Behaviors

  • Offer criticism and feedback in an honest, respectful, and kind way.
  • Be supportive and offer guidance when requested. The value in our community is everyone’s participation.

Unacceptable Behaviors


The OSUWebComm admins can revoke membership of any member, at any time. Admins will contact that member and explain why he or she is losing membership.

Above All

Have fun, and use the community in whatever way works for you. Make fun of products – Banner, the Catalog – but don’t make fun of people.

Have a question? Direct message or email any of the OSU WebComm community admins. Thank you!