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OSU-Cascades Library


January 1st, 2014

The OSU-Cascades Library shares physical resources with COCC’s Barber Library and online resources with OSU Corvallis.

See Barber Library’s hours.

Library Open Q&A Hours:

Cascades Hall lobby, Tuesday11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Graduate Research Center (2nd floor open office space),
Thursday 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

… or set up an appointment that fits your schedule by contacting Sara, the OSU-Cascades Librarian:

  • email sara.thompson@osucascades.edu
  • call or text  541-357-8277


TCE – Education Resources

June 17th, 2014

Different research workflows for different personalities

Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Myers-Briggs Indicator Chart

Myers-Briggs Indicator

DiSC Personality Styles

DiSC Styles: personality is fluid

DiSC Styles

Research Personalities: Scatter Search vs. Scrupulous Scan

Scatter Search

Scrupulous Scan

Search and Scan (mix of both)


  • use the “Cite This” or “Citation” buttons to get information about the sources and keep track of them
  • follow breadcrumb trails to other good sources — look for subjects, keywords, authors, or “related articles”

Keep Track of Your Stuff!

Further Exploration

EdTechTalk – ongoing webcast series of discussions among educators

TeachingHistory.org – examples and tips for educators at every level of K-12

Wolfram Alpha – data geek’s heaven; see example searches

Librivox – free audio books of public domain works

Weekly Education Chats on Twitter – don’t need an account, just search for the hashtag to see posts

Best American Infographics – just, you know, kinda fun

NASA Image of the Day archive

Sketchpad – free online sketchpad … might not work with every browser / device

Every Time Zone – visual comparison of time zones, drag the green bar to change the time

and finally, be willing to learn from your students.