Writing Exercise #11

Prompt: Reflect on the peer-review process with you as the reviewer. How did it feel to read and critique someone else’s writing? What did you learn that you can apply to your own writing as you revise your final essay?

Response: It felt weird critiquing someone else’s writing, just because I don’t necessarily think I am the most qualified person to give advice on these things. I am okay at writing, but I certainly do not know a lot about writing essays, as being a science major, I do not really ever have to do that except for in a few classes. I felt very teacher-like which was kind of fun for a second.

Things I learned that I will be applying to my own writing is that someone made a really helpful suggestion about about including a paragraph about the cellular processes of how bacterial colonize the stomach, and it didn’t even dawn on me that this would be good a point to talk about. So far I have only gotten one reviewer, so that’s really about all I can say so far.

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