Writing Exercise #9

Prompt: List and describe as many changes in human behaviors as you can think of that contribute to decreased exposure to microbes.


  1. Going to the hospital
  2. Going to the dentist
  3. Going to the above and receiving antibiotics
  4. Having a major surgery
  5. Having a more bland diet, i.e. consuming more processed junk foods
  6. Showering a lot
  7. Using the antibiotic hand soap every time you wash your hands
  8. Cleaning with really powerful disinfectant wipes in your home
  9. Washing your clothes with bleach
  10. Not letting your kids play with other kids
  11. Not letting your kids play at the community park
  12. Isolating yourself for days on end doing homework in your room
  13. Being an only child with working parents (for the child)
  14. Not playing any contact sports as a child (for the child)
  15. Never going into the forest for a nature walk
  16. Never going to the beach
  17. Avoiding community transport

I feel like I can’t think of anymore without repeating myself.

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