Writing Exercise #6

Prompt: Describe your personal philosophy about how and when you have taken, or would take, antibiotics. What experiences or prior knowledge do you have that shaped that personal philosophy?

Response: I have taken antibiotics before, and I personally do not think that they are harmful if taken in appropriate dosages. I took them orally about two years ago and I did not have any complications. I think they are an extremely useful medical tool that can cure a lot of bacterial infections or diseases. However, I am very much so against any product that says antibacterial hand wash or antibacterial cleaner. I think this is completely unnecessary and is greatly promoting more and more antibiotic resistance in the world. It is very unclear to me how there is certainly knowledge that antibiotic resistance is a threat, yet all these mass companies keep making antibacterial products that do not even probably ever be used in an every day house hold setting. They especially do not need to be used every time someone washes their hands. Prior knowledge that has shaped this philosophy is in my microbiology course I have taken where my professor introduced this concept to me. My professor also taught us how soap works, and the importance of bacteria on our skin so it became a no brainer to say that it isn’t needed in hand-wash. I do think antibiotics are great in a healthcare setting, but not necessarily outside of it.

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