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How to Create a PDF File

For the Teach Project I am going to demonstrate how to create a PDF file from a website and add a live link to the PDF.

Creating a PDF file is a simple process but very useful as the file is able to be opened by any operating system on a computer and is generally faster than downloading a new document. There isn’t much prerequisite knowledge to have in order to create a PDF, the main thing a user will need to know is where the print option is on their internet browser.

In the module a student will be going to a website, turning it into a PDF file, then inserting a live link in the file back to that website for future reference. It’s important to have the live link in case the website you are using updates any information or changes data on a regular basis.

Formal Learning Objectives:

  • students will be able to use technology to create a PDF file for ease of the user
  • students will learn how to insert a live link into a PDF
  • students will understand the importance of using a PDF file compared to another file type

Tools Needed:

  • A computer with an internet browser
  • Access to the internet
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

Historical Significance: Adobe was created in 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke. It’s an American mulltinational company based out of California (About Adobe). Specifically Acrobat which is the software by Abode allows a user to create a Portable Document Format (PDF) to share with virtually anyone anywhere. PDF’s are viewable or printable on most platforms such as Windows and OS, even Android (Adobe PDF History).

I first learned how to create PDF’s from websites last summer at my job when I needed an easy file format to upload to a content management system.My boss was easily able to show me exactly what I needed to know and was relatively fast. Since then whenever I need to share a document for a group project or when I was working remotely away from my job I was able to create PDF’s to send back and force.


  1. Open up you preference of internet browser after you have established an internet connection
  2. Go to a website you access often that changes data you need regularly
  3. Once you are to the website go to the exact page you want to make the PDF file of
  4. With the correct page on your screen go to the Print option in your toolbar. (Ex: for Firefox in the upper left hand corner hit the orange Firefox box, scroll down to Print and select)

    Print option to create PDF

    Print screen for PDF

  5. When the Print box appears under the drop down menu where you see your connected printer scroll down until you see Adobe PDF.
  6. Select Adobe PDF and hit Print. (it will take a moment to create the PDF, be patient!)
  7. The PDF will open and will display the page of the website you chose.
  8. At this point it’s best to save the PDF (upper left hand corner File-Save As or the Floppy Disc Icon)
  9. After saving the PDF, go back to the website page and copy the URL (highlight the URL-right click-copy)
  10. Return to the PDF and on the top toolbar go to Tools-Typewriter- select Typewriter
  11. A cursor will appear and put the cursor where you want the link to on the page
  12. I recommend putting the cursor on the top of the page if there is space or the bottom, where ever there is an appropriate amount of space. Right click and hit Paste (or control+ V on Windows)
  13. With the URL copied and pasted onto the PDF go back to the Tools- Advanced Editing- Link Tool

    URL in the PDF highlighted

    highlighted URL in the PDF

  14. Draw the box with the cursor around the URL
  15. A pop up box will open where you can customize the box. Under the link action section select Open a webpage. hit next.
  16. Again copy in the URL from the webpage. The link will be created.
  17. Save the PDF

Additional Reading:

There are many cites that will assist in helping to create a PDF. I Google-ed “create PDF” and found many helpful websites as well

linking the URL

Link to URL

as youtube videos. A very helpful video is Create PDF Files. This video provides a step by step guide with visuals on how to create a PDF.

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