Hello all!

As you can see, the site underwent a huge change as far as theme and layout! I think this looks a lot cleaner and more organized.

It’s the beginning of Week 9 and people are just getting off of second-wave midterms! Too bad we’ll have finals in two weeks! Don’t be sad though! Next week is dead week!

That means CSA is likely to be eating out togezaaa (together)! If it happens, we’ll be sending an email out to the list serve. We are still discussing when and where.

Other announcements:
Khmer Night is drawing near! Committee members should be getting into contact with each other ASAP! Get phone numbers and contact info. Come to the general meetings when you can so we can discuss some things! Or if needed, we’ll plan and make an “appointment” or something. Chamreoun has our food all figured out for the most part, Sokho’s got the program organized as well as our poster (I’m sure he’ll post it up sometime later). Sita and Inhkuong are getting ready to teach the dance that we’ll be doing for our show. 😀
I’m trying to get members of volunteer committee to start collaborating with each other. All is well for the most part.

In other news, Mr. SensAsian (pronounced “sensation;” click to read about it) is almost there too! If you know any OSU guys interested, please let them know about it!

I think that will be all for now! Good luck with classes, work, and everything else that you do!

Over and out.


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