Chum Reap Sur! Welcome!

Hello Visitor! We are Cambodian Student Association. Click on the picture to view a list of current and past officers. We are not all Khmer. However, we all have some Khmer pride. Come and get to know us. And allow us to get to know you! Enjoy the rest of the page and website. :D

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Khmer Night (2014) The Awkun Awards

The Cambodian Student Association at Oregon State University request your presence at our annual Khmer Night and our 1st annual Awkun Awards show. In celebration and recognition of CSA member of the past, present, and future and honoring Khmer Night of the past. The Awkun Awards will take place in the MU Ballroom. Doors will open at 5:30pm. Show time from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. This Read full article »

2013-2014 Officers

2013-2014 Terry Svay – President Randy Chan – President Amanda Tep – Treasurer Melissa Nguyen – Secretary Amy Phou – Events Coordinator Terry Svay – Historian/Webmaster Jonathan Seng – Junior Advisor Read full article »

CSA Twitter

The Cambodian Student Association is now on Twitter! CSA is continuing to push the boundaries of OSU club communication to the community. Follow @OSUCSA of Twitter for the latest news about club activities, club meetings, volunteering opportunities, and POTLUCKS!!! Live. Speak. Eat. -CSA Webmaster Read full article »

2012-2013 Officers

Congratulations to our new executive board for the next school year! President: Rone Nop Vice President: Terry Svay Secretary: Christine Kim Treasurer: Chris Lor Internal Events: Jon Chea External Events: Randy Chan Historian/Webmaster: Tim Lam/Terry Svay It's been a great year, guys. 2011-2012 Read full article »

Moonlight Harvest

Is going to be the theme for CSA night this year! Some updates for anyone who still visits the fan page: CSA's cultural Night will be on May 13 (Sunday)! We're still looking for dancers (no experience needed...pretty slow basic body movements) and possibly actors or extras. Let us know if you're interested! We don't have a practice schedule yet...we were going Read full article »

We Are Still Here

Just haven't been updating this for a while. A few reminders: Fall Harvest Celebration (brought to you by APA Council and ISOSU and affiliates) is Wednesday, November 16th. Come if you can! This year, we're doing something a little different. No tickets; it's first come, first serve (unless you're volunteering). Since Fall Harvest Celebration on Wednesday, we are not holding a general Read full article »


A distinctive part of our culture is food. For this reason...we hold a lot of potlucks! We all cook, clean, and eat together! Much like your regular Khmer family gatherings. We do it for birthdays, dead week, or any free week planned for potlucking! Another thing worth noting: we typically don't hold a general meeting during dead week. We all go out to eat together—don't worry, we typically stick to walking distance from campus (most of us offer rides if we want to go elsewhere).

Sign up for our Listserve! Come to Our Meetings!

We hold a general meeting every week! Become part of our listserve to get updates about what's goin' down in CSA (do a clicky click over the picture up there). We do different activities during our general meetings as a way to get to know each other and become more affiliated with other Khmer students at Oregon State. You do not have to be Khmer/Cambodian to join! The majority of our general members aren't even Khmer! We enjoy everyone's company. :D

CSA Events!

One of our biggest events is our cultural night. Enjoy Khmer food, Khmer traditional dances, Khmer music, Khmer fashion, and other little shows we put on for you! Check out our event page and a few videos of our events from previous years (not much yet, but it will grow)! We try to update as efficiently as we can, but we apologize for any inconvenience that may be due to lack of updating.