The Metatag Drupal module finally brings a ton of SEO tools to OSU Drupal 7. Unfortunately the default tokens for page title creation need some tweaking. Here’s a list of the tokens and defaults I’ve been using.

People profile

The default token for user nodes uses “username” rather than “preferred name”. Preferred name field allows for educational credentials such as Phd, MPH, RD, MS and whatnot. Because the default would make a page title of Eric Smith | College of Public Health and Human Sciences | Oregon State University the following tokens will create a page title of Eric Smith, PhD, RD | College of Public Health and Human Sciences | Oregon State University. While this may seem just a matter of faculty vanity – with a name as generic as “Eric Smith” it would be better for search if the credentials are included.

Use these tokens in the Page Title field of the user settings of metatag module:

[user:profile-osu-person:preferred_name] | [site:name]

Organic group landing pages

Due to top book page of a group not displaying a page title the metatag book page defaults don’t display the group name in the page title. Thus if you have “Internships” as the group name the actually page title will display as ” | College of Public Health and Human Sciences | Oregon State University”. Not good.

Two options to fix this.

  1. Just enter the page title by hand on the actual node – rather than change the default. Theoretically you’ll not have many organic groups in your overall site.
  2. Instead of [node:title] use [current-page:title]

This is the default page title settings I use for book page:

[current-page:title] | [site:name]

Sub pages of organic groups

Unfortunately I’ve not found the correct parent page order token to fill in all the correct page titles within a book… or at least not in the correct order. The most specific part of the page title should be to the far left of the title – followed successively by more encompassing levels until reaching unit then university. For some bizarre reason there doesn’t seem to be a token of the correct order of things.

Until I find that magic token I have to do this for every page in an organic group:

[current-page:title] | Military Life Course | Center for Healthy Aging Research | [site:name]

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