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Dominos is a very large corporation that operates franchises across the nation. It is organized in the common corporation style of a board of directors with an elected chief executive officer. Currently the CEO is J. Patrick Doyle. The organization is more or less of a hierarchy with the board of directors running most of the day to day business. Teamwork is something that Dominos really stresses about their work environment because commercial cooking is certainly a task where job specialization is applicable. The Dominos website has a section under the jobs category that describes their own corporate culture. Customer focused, passionate, innovative, and fun are some of the key words that they try to convey about their culture. All pictures in the job category show semi formal dress code and a very relaxed work environment at the corporate level. Acual store locations have a standard uniform, usually just a Dominos t shirt and matching hat. The corporation is based in Ann Arbor Chartered Township is Michigan. Activities are limited to the indoors because Michigan is so cold for most of the year. Ann Arbor is home to University of Michigan so like Corvallis is home to many experienced professors and eager college students trying to prove themselves. I analyzed a side by side comparison  of Cost of Living in Ann Arbor with Portland on a website called Numbeo and for the most part, Ann Arbor is about 15% cheaper to live than in the Portland area.

Being such a large and prominent corporation, displaying good ethos is a huge issue in regards to public relations. in 2012 Dominos was involved in a $32 million dollar lawsuit after one of their delivery drivers hydroplaned into on-coming traffic, killing the driver and leaving the passenger with a traumatic brain injury. The ruling however was later overturned by an appellate court.  On a more positive and happier note, Dominos hs teamed up with St Judes Children Research Hospital and to date has donated over $25 million to helping children overcome cancer and other major diseases and ailments. Strangely in order to find a mission statement I ended up on the New Zealand domain website. The mission statement was as follows: “Sell more pizza, have more fun” A very simple and lighthearted mission statement which reinforces that they want to be known as an enjoyable and relaxed place to work, which really panders to college students who make up a very sizable portion of their workforce. Dominos got it’s first life in 1960 at a small store by the name of DomiNicks pizza in Ann Arbor Michigan, steady growth and innovation grew the company and in 1972 the Dominos Supply Chain was established. By 1983, there were 1000 Dominos Pizzas operating in the United States. In 2004 Dominos became a publicly traded company on the NYSE. 2012 saw a complete re-branding campaign, changing from Dominos Pizza, to Dominos, with a new focus on other items such as pasta and sandwhiches. Today over 10,000 Dominos operate worldwide. The most famous member of Dominos is the CEO, J. Patrick Doyle. He is very involved in the companys PR and advertising campaigns. He has appeared on numerous commercials in the last couple years, spearheading the re-branding of the company.

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Chad Barnes is a sophomore business student at Oregon State University. On top of being a member of Beaver Nation, he is also an active member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. His hobbies include anything and everything that fills his life with good memories and great people.

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