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Recycling – Tip of the Week: Cardboard Recycling

May 4th, 2012

cardboardRecyclable of the week: Cardboard

See more details in our online Recycle Guide or download our brochure.

WHAT is accepted:

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes that have been flattened
  • EMPTY pizza boxes, only if they are not contaminated with oil and food

clean versus contaminated pizza boxes

HOW to recycle it:

  1. Empty all non-cardboard contents (i.e. packaging)
  2. Flatten (to minimize the space it takes up in the recycle bin)

Cardboard binWHERE to recycle it:

Place in nearest marked cardboard container, typically outside your building, next to your trash dumpster(s).

Find out when your cardboard bins are emptied by visiting our Locations and Schedule webpage (read the “exterior cardboard cage is emptied…” statement near the top of the page).

Please do not place cardboard in paper bins, as 1) it causes bin overflow problems in our paper bins and 2) our paper recycler does not accept cardboard.

NOT accepted in cardboard bins:

  • NO cardboard with food on it, such as pizza boxes (these can be composted if a bin is available, and all plastic is removed). If the top of a pizza box is clean enough to be recycled, the clean portion can be torn off and recycled in your cardboard bin.
  • NO paperboard or other paper products that are not corrugated (please recycle in paper bins).
  • NO boxes with packaging materials still in or on them (shrink wrap, plastic film, packing foam, paper packaging, etc.)

This post is part of our Tip of the Week series for spring term 2012. Stay tuned to this blog on Mondays and our Facebook and Twitter accounts on Tuesdays for more in the future!

Any food contamination, glass labware and Pyrex products, (heat-treated glass is not recyclable), window glass, light bulbs, drinking glasses.
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  2. You can also recycle your old cardboards during a move to pack your stuff !

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