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Recycling – Tip of the Week: Metal Recycling

April 13th, 2012

Recyclable of the week: Metals

WHAT is accepted:

See images of these items in our online Recycle Guide or download our brochure.

  • Aluminum cans
  • Tin cans
  • Aluminum foil (crumple into a loose ball)
  • Metal lids (jar lids and bottle caps)
  • Tin containers and their lids (mints, cookies, tea etc.)
  • Empty aerosol cans w/ plastic lids removed (only those that contained non-hazardous material such as air, oils and toiletries)
  • Pie and roast pans
  • Metal pots and pans (break off plastic and discard)
  • Metal water bottles and mugs (break off plastic and discard)

HOW to recycle it:

Empty or rinse and place in the nearest bin. Containers should not have food residue on them, as this can 1) create an unpleasant or harmful work environment for people working in our recycling sorting facility and 2) food residue could spill onto other recyclables like paper, preventing them from being recyclable.

Foil is best crumpled into a loose ball so it is easier to mechanically separate from sheets of paper; if it has food residue, be sure to crumple food inside the ball to prevent spillage onto other recyclables.

A "slim jim" bin is for containers (plastic, metal, glass and cartons).

A "slim jim" bin is for containers (plastic, metal, glass and cartons).

WHERE to recycle it:

Recycle in a bin labeled “Bottles & Cans” or “Containers,” most commonly a “slim jim” (pictured, right) in offices or blue barrels in residence halls. See where the container bins are in your building by visiting our Locations and Schedule webpage.

NOT accepted in container bins:

  • NO items with food contamination
  • NO sharp objects (this material could be processed as scrap metal, see below)
  • Scrap metal can be picked up, or bins for it dropped off, on special request


This post is part of our Tip of the Week series for spring term 2012. Stay tuned to this blog on Mondays and our Facebook and Twitter accounts on Tuesdays for more in the future!

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  2. andrew says:

    Very impressive this to me to know about the how these things can be recycle…

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