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Recycling – Tip of the Week: Paper Recycling

March 30th, 2012

PaperRecyclable of the week: Paper

WHAT is accepted:

See images of these items in our online Recycle Guide or download our brochure.

  • Computer paper of any color
  • Barometer and other newspapers
  • Glossy paper magazines, ad inserts, etc
  • Envelopes with windows, paper folders
  • Paperboard (heavy, non-corrugated paper such as cracker boxes)
  • Whole books, OSU directories, whole bound notebooks (NO binders)
  • Brown bags
  • Butcher paper
  • White/gray/brown paper packing material
  • Paper egg cartons

"Bagstands" are for paper only.

HOW to recycle it:

Staples, paperclips, & small amounts of tape are acceptable. Books do not need to be altered before recycling, but binders should not be included. To help us keep your office clean, please contain shredded paper in paper bag that is rolled closed or in a plastic bag marked “recycle,” placed next to your bin.

WHERE to recycle it:

Recycle in a bin labeled “Paper” or in a bagstand (pictured, right). Do NOT place paper in outdoor cardboard bins. See where the paper bagstands are in your building by visiting our Locations and Schedule webpage.

NOT accepted in paper bins:

  • NO paper cartons (e.g. milk) (recycle with bottles and cans, please)
  • NO paper towels and napkins (compost if a bin is available)
  • NO paper plates (not recyclable, only some are compostable)
  • NO paper coffee or soda cups (not recyclable, only some are compostable)

WHY do we separate paper at OSU?

We sort our paper separate from other recyclables at OSU because we sell it to bring in revenue to support our program. That’s why it is important to keep non-paper items out of paper bins – because our paper recycler only accepts paper. Thank you for your support!


Papers with confidential/sensitive information should be placed in the nearest confidential cart if you have one, or pack in box, mark ‘to be shredded’ and request pickup. Shredding fee is $0.15/lb. Read more on our Confidential Records page.

This post is part of our Tip of the Week series for spring term 2012. Stay tuned to this blog on Mondays and our Facebook and Twitter accounts on Tuesdays for more in the future!

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