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Recycling – Question of the Week: Oregon electronics disposal laws

February 23rd, 2012

Win a reusable spork, and use it to reduce waste for years to come!

Time for our Question of the Week!

The first person to answer correctly will win an all purpose eating utensil like this one! Submit your answer here (“Leave a Reply,” below), on our Facebook page or tweet it to @osurecycling on Twitter.

Question of the Week:

Which of the following items are currently illegal to dispose of in a landfill in Oregon (hint: more than one is true):

  1. TVs
  2. Computer monitors
  3. Printers
  4. Computers
  5. Cell phones


Current Oregon law prohibits just computers, computer monitors and TVs in landfills. However, as some Facebook followers pointed out, none of these items should be put in the trash! Good thing we’re providing you with an alternative:

E-Waste Collection: Help OSU win! Click to go to this event on Facebook

Wednesday March 7 – Wednesday, March 14, Surplus/Recycling Warehouse, 644 SW 13th St.

Help OSU compete nationally in the new RecycleMania electronics category! Bring broken and unwanted electronics (see list of accepted items below) for free recycling. OSU-owned or personal items welcome.

Bring items on our kickoff date on Wednesday, March 7 any time between 8:00 am and 7:30 pm (Drop by between 5:30 and 7:30 pm for a chance to visit the OSUsed Store public sale!) or drop by on the following weekdays, Thursday-Wednesday,  8:00 am to 4:00 pm.


  • TVs
  • Computer monitors
  • Computers (laptops, CPUs)
  • Computer parts – hard drives, circuit boards, CD roms, etc.
  • Computer accessories – keyboards, mice, printers, modems, etc.
  • Data and power cords, wire
  • Cell phones, telephones
  • Consumer electronics – radios, VCRs, projectors, MP3 players, etc.
  • Small appliances – toasters, microwaves, etc.

Refrigerators will not be accepted. Non-electric hazardous waste such as batteries, light bulbs, paint, chemicals and motor oil also will not be accepted. Please contact Allied Waste of Corvallis regarding proper disposal of these items (http://www.corvallis.disposal.com).

Items will be responsibly recycled (or wiped and refurnished) in Portland, OR by Computer Drive Connection.

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One Response to “Recycling – Question of the Week: Oregon electronics disposal laws”

  1. Don Hawkins says:

    Total Reclaim, Inc. & Ecolights Northwest (wholly-owned part of Total Reclaim, Inc.) participates in approximately 70 collection events annually for all of those same materials as well as a few of the ones not being accepted during your event (batteries, light bulbs, ballasts, refrigerant containing appliances, and Styrofoam.

    Total Reclaim is a collector, transporter and processor under the Oregon E-Cycles program administered by DEQ’s state plan, as well as being ISO 14001, R2, and E-Stewards certified. In short, we do the right thing. We have facilities in Portland, Seattle, and Anchorage.

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