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Recycling – Question of the Week: Pizza boxes

February 2nd, 2012

Recycle bin pencil holderTime for the Question of the Week!

The first person to answer correctly will win this recycle bin pencil holder! Submit your answer here (“Leave a Reply,” below), on our Facebook page or tweet it to @osurecycling on Twitter.

Question of the Week:

Are pizza boxes recyclable?

(Hint: The answer is not a simple “yes” or “no.”)




We couldn’t have said it better than Elijah Allensworth on Facebook:

You can recycle portions without grease or food oils as normal cardboard recycling, but instead of throwing away the other portions, you can compost them with your yard trimmings and food! None of it should be thrown away.

Recycling is a higher use for cardboard than composting, so from an ecological standpoint, the best course of action is to recycle any parts that are clean (no more than a couple small grease spots), and compost or mulch with the food-contaminated portions. Cardboard with food on it cannot be recycled.

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