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P&M: Three Golden Rules to Follow When Using Microsoft Tags

July 13th, 2011

KPedia has several useful  posts in their recent issue. James Bluhm has some great tips on using Microsoft tags.

The world of marketing is rapidly evolving and direct marketing is no exception. Between personalized websites, 100% variable print, and 2d barcodes, the options for marketers to increase campaign effectiveness are becoming numerous and highly sophisticated. However, as with all new technologies, there is a learning period during which vital tips, tricks, and best practices are discovered.

In this article we take a look at one of these new technologies, Microsoft Tags, and three of the rules we have developed while using them in our own marketing efforts.

Rule #1: Make sure your target audience can scan the Tag.
Simple as this rule may sound, it is amazing how often it is overlooked. It all starts when designing the piece your Tag will be placed on. Take care to follow the guidelines provided on the Tag website (trust me, they are serious about everything). Size, color, and surrounding white space are particularly important because they dramatically impact the Tag’s scanability.

After making sure your Tag should scan make sure it does scan. Testing at every stage in the process ensures you won’t be met with any nasty, expensive surprises at the end of the project. Also, be sure to test with a variety of phones. Different brands of phones and even models have varying capabilities and it is important to test any type your target audience might be using.

When all else fails, include a short URL users can type in if they can’t get the scan to work or they prefer to use a PC to view the offer.

Read the entire article on KPedia.

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