Highly acclaimed researchers Professor Jake Rose and Professor Ania Rose join us in Austin Hall

Traveling thousands of miles, from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand to Oregon State University, highly acclaimed and globally top-ranked researchers Dr. Jake Rose and Dr. Ania Rose join the College of Business accounting faculty.

Oregon State University OSU College of Business
Dr. Ania Rose

Ania Rose is currently tied for the rank of the no. 1 experimental researcher in accounting information systems worldwide, and she is ranked fourth in the world for her experimental research in financial accounting. Jake Rose shares the rank of no. 1 experimental researcher in accounting information systems and is the no. 6 experimental researcher in accounting worldwide.

The couple, perhaps described best as an academic all-star team, research and publish in the areas of behavioral accounting and accounting information systems, in addition to partnering at their consulting firm, DisclosureImpact. There, they specialize in managing the impacts of corporate disclosures on audit committees, investors, creditors, and other stakeholders, and they provide research-based solutions designed to create competitive advantages and promote firm value.

Here in Corvallis, they come with their young children to experience the Pacific Northwest and bring their cutting edge research to the College of Business. They are in the top one percent in the world for their research contributions, according to the most recent rankings of accounting faculty by Brigham Young University (BYU), which

Oregon State University OSU College of Business
Dr. Jake Rose

evaluates all accounting scholars (approximately 5,300 scholars at universities around the world) based on the quality of their research.

“Our accounting program has a reputation for exceptionalism, evidenced by this caliber of researchers joining us,” said College of Business Dean Mitzi Montoya. “We’re committed to elevating the college’s reputation as we also impress upon our students and future students that they are learning from the best of the best. We are excited to have Ania and Jake with us.”

Ania, whose research involves trust and decision-making behavior is an expert in the areas of auditor judgment, investor perceptions, and fraud detection. She has trained executives in the US, Taiwan, and Europe, and she has been recognized as the outstanding accounting educator at multiple universities.

Ania is particularly interested in the effects of bad news disclosures on investors and auditors, and she is a leading expert in the areas of judgment and decision making by accounting professionals.

When asked about coming to OSU, Ania said that she is “extremely excited to join the College of Business at a time when so many great things are happening at OSU and in the profession. I am looking forward to bringing new developments in analytics into the classroom and promoting active, research-based teaching.”

Jake is a leading expert in judgment and decision making research in the areas of accounting, auditing and corporate governance. He is one of the most widely published scholars in behavioral accounting, and his research focuses on the intersection of cognitive psychology and accounting, with particular emphases on interpretation of disclosures and evidence, investor choice, auditor judgment, and corporate director decisions. He also is an editor of the Journal of Information Systems, and he has served on the editorial boards of several major accounting journals.

Jake said, “I have long wanted to come back to the Pacific Northwest and be a part of OSU. There are endless opportunities here in the College of Business, and I am looking forward to engaging with our PhD students, developing the accounting systems and analytics coursework, and using research to solve problems that truly matter to a rapidly changing accounting profession. I could not be happier to be here.”

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