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The End, The Beginning

Hey everyone, I want to thank you all for helping us make yet another fantastic Building Energy Challenge. Tomorrow is the final day of this challenge, and you can check out the final standings here.
To commemorate the successful completion of this year’s Building Energy Challenge, we’re going to have a little pow-wow in the MU quad from 10:30 to 1! So come join us for some hot chocolate, candy, and prize give-aways, plus participate in a fun game-show, and meet the people behind the BEC!
Finally, even though this marks the end of the 2nd BEC, that doesn’t mean it has to be the end of the energy saving! See if you can continue to stick to your pledges, even after the challenge is over. Leave up (or put up) some of our materials. Maybe even take some of the savings to your house and continue your own personal challenge there. Here are some nice tips that you can use in your own home to save some energy, and save some bank while you’re at it.

Week 3 standings are in!

Check out the just-in week 3 standings for the Challenge: http://oregonstate.edu/sustainability/bec/standings

So far, the buildings leading their categories are:

Category Leading Building
Heat Only Bexell Hall
Shop/Maintenance Property Services
Office & Data Center Kelley Engineering
Some HVAC Withycombe
Residence Hall Callahan Hall
Co-ops Azalea House

Nice job category leaders!  And good job to everyone who’s doing their part to save!

How to save energy like a G – OSU student video

A short video created by students from Steve Cook’s GEO 300 course on how to save energy, and do other sustainability-minded actions, like a G.

Ain’t nothing but a G thing baby…

Ready, Set, Week 3!

Hello, energy-savers! As we start Week 3, I  hope that you have taken a moment to check out the standings, which can be found at that link. There is some seriously close races out there, and even if you’re not in the lead, kicking it into high gear as we near the end of the race might just put you there.
I also hope that the weekend has you all feeling refreshed you and in the mood to save some major energy! Though, hopefully not quite as enthusiasticly as this guy…

Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the OSU Building Energy Challenge! I hope everyone enjoyed relaxing over their weekend, and is feeling re-energized and ready to save some power!

Don’t ever forget that , even by just doing little things, you CAN make a difference. Thanks to you all for your efforts, and good luck!

Hey everyone!

We’re nearing the end of our first week in the challenge, and I hope that you’ve all found at least one way that you can help reduce your electricity use. If you want to stay posted, keep checking to this page to see how your building is doing, as well as how your competitors are doing!