Please check out the links for background/bios of each of our presenters. We are excited to have an outstanding cast of industry leaders to present and share their experience and expertise for the 2019 BSPS!

Speakers listed in order of program schedule:


  1. Elisha Diagneault, Foodwit
  2. John Boyce, Trident Seafoods
  3. Virginia Ng, SPA
  4. Allison Corcoran, Trident Seafoods
  5. Siarl Dixon, AIB Inernational
  6. Laura Syron, CDC/NIOSH/WSD
  7. Kevin Graham, Wesmar Company, Inc.
  8. Nina Parkinson, NGP Consulting
  9. Teri Danielson, NW Food Solutions
  10. Alan Ismond, Aqua-Terra Consultants
  11. Jim Ianelli, NOAA
  12. John Boyce, Trident Seafoods
  13. Brandii Holmdahl, Bornstein Seafoods
  14. Austin Bouck, EARTH2O
  15. Brendan McKenna, Pacific Seafood
  16. Michele Pfeffer, Beck Pack Systems
  17. Gregg Small, Product Survey International

BSPS-Training Instructors

  1. Kevin Graham, Wesmar Company, Inc.
  2. TBD
  3. Virginia Ng, SPA
  4. Bruce Odeggard, SPA
  5. Angee Hunt, Oregon State University
  6. Misti Toro, Texture Technologies
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