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Tiny Bubbles Continue to Tell All

October 9th, 2008

OSU Media Release: Ice Core Studies Confirm Accuracy of Climate Models

Ed Brooks_Ice

This is Dr. Ed Brook holding an ancient ice core sample, which he keeps in a special freezer in the basement of Wilkinson Hall. If you’re willing to wear a special suit, we can show them to you in person some time.

The cores are precious–they hold tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide and other trace gases that are linked to climate change.

New findings cited in the media release linked above have been published in the online version of the journal Science, and are showing up in the popular media.

“We’ve identified a consistent and coherent pattern of carbon dioxide fluctuations from the past and are able to observe the correlation of this to temperature in the northern and southern hemispheres,” said Ed Brook, an associate professor of geosciences at Oregon State University. “This is a global, interconnected system of ocean and atmosphere, and data like these help us better understand how it works.”

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