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Stevon Roberts

Stevon Roberts is an award-winning videographer who began working in 2004 at Oregon State University to produce and edit educational media. Currently, he works as Instructional Media Coordinator for the Center for Teaching and Learning and Technology Across the Curriculum.

Homepage: http://oregonstate.edu/ctl

Netcasts – Jerri Bartholomew, Salmon Researcher, Glass Artist

Posted by: | May 29, 2012 Comments Off on Netcasts – Jerri Bartholomew, Salmon Researcher, Glass Artist |

At the intersection of science and art, you’ll find Jerri Bartholomew, a microbiologist and salmon researcher who also has a passion for working with glass. “I see my artwork as being parallel to my scientific experimentation,” she says. “Science is often a very long process–it may take months, years, or even decades to find an […]

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Netcasts – Pat Corcoran, Coastal Hazards Specialist

Posted by: | April 16, 2012 Comments Off on Netcasts – Pat Corcoran, Coastal Hazards Specialist |

In this episode of Netcasts, we travel to Astoria to visit Pat Corcoran, coastal hazards specialist for Oregon Sea Grant Extension.   Corcoran works with coastal community members and researchers around the world to prepare coastal residents for natural hazards, such as erosion and tsunamis.  Corcoran talks about his experiences bringing the findings of research […]

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Netcasts on YouTube

Posted by: | March 14, 2012 Comments Off on Netcasts on YouTube |

Who are Sea Grant’s Extension agents and researchers? What do they do, exactly? What are some current research topics? Netcasts, a new YouTube video series from Oregon Sea Grant, goes behind the scenes to find out the answers to these and other questions. The first installment features Mark Whitham, a seafood product developer for Oregon […]

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New on DVD! Cascade Head / Scenic Research Area

Posted by: | August 23, 2011 Comments Off on New on DVD! Cascade Head / Scenic Research Area |
Cascade Head

Grab your hiking boots and binoculars! This video will take you on a scenic and historical walk through the beautiful prairie headlands, forests, and grassy marshes of Cascade Head and the adjoining Salmon River estuary. Ever heard of Pixieland? Kami Ellingson, from the Siuslaw National Forest, will take us on a guided tour of the […]

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Pacific Tsunami Reminds Oregon to be Prepared

Posted by: | March 11, 2011 Comments Off on Pacific Tsunami Reminds Oregon to be Prepared |

Tsunami alerts were triggered up and down the Oregon Coast this morning, following a deadly 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan.  Reverse 911 calls and emergency sirens alerted Oregon coastal residents to potentially dangerous tsunami waves created by the distant quake, and the National Weather Service has issued a tsunami advisory.  Oregon Sea Grant features a […]

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Video: Great White Shark Necropsy

Posted by: | January 22, 2010 Comments Off on Video: Great White Shark Necropsy |

A new video is available documenting part of the public dissection of a 12-foot great white shark that was featured in an earlier blog post.  The shark died after becoming entangled in the ropes of a crab pot, but the shark’s death may mean educational benefits to scientists. William Hanshumaker, a marine science educator at […]

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Documentary Preview: Dan Cox

Posted by: | June 17, 2009 Comments Off on Documentary Preview: Dan Cox |

Dan Cox is the director for the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Lab at Oregon State University.  This bonus footage was recorded for the film Reaching Higher Ground: Oregon Sea Grant’s Tsunami Research and Community Engagement, which has been released to DVD and is available to view for free online.  In this short video clip (which […]

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Documentary Preview: Michael Harte

Posted by: | May 25, 2009 Comments Off on Documentary Preview: Michael Harte |

In this preview to an upcoming documentary featuring Climate Change in Oregon, Michael Harte (Oregon State University’s College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, or COAS) explains that the effects of global climate change on our day-to-day lives are not necessarily the effects talked about in the larger discussion of climate change. The documentary, scheduled for […]

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Exploring Beach Recovery

Posted by: | May 18, 2009 Comments Off on Exploring Beach Recovery |

In the Hinsdale Wave Research Lab at Oregon State University, Associate Professor Tuba Ozkan-Haller studies how beaches recover after winter storms.  The hope is that this information will go into predictive models that can help developers make smart decisions about how to protect properties or infrastructure along coastlines.  “People who have lived near the coast […]

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