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CORVALLIS, Ore. – Amid growing concern about rising sea levels triggered by global warming, Oregon Sea Grant researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) are discovering that rip currents might play a role in coastal erosion because they create rip embayments, or low areas on sandy beaches, that expose nearby land to higher rates of erosion […]

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Some scientists consider it perhaps the most troubling effect of climate change on the ocean: increasing acidity caused by absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). The potential implications, especially for the myriad of species that live in the ocean, could be dire, if current trends continue. But it’s a concern that only recently has begun […]

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Communicating successfully about climate change involves both science and art, and our series of podcasts explores both, although the emphasis is on the insights of social scientists. Two new interviews reflect a continuing broadening of discussion to large-scale social and institutional frameworks that affect successful adaptation to climate change. The interviewees are Elinor Ostrom, Workshop […]

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Are you interested in communicating more effectively with the public about your work in ocean sciences? Are you looking for ideas and partners for producing successful broader impact and outreach activities? Join COSEE-Pacific Partnerships for a half day workshop for ocean scientists designed to introduce participants to effective strategies and best practices for communicating with […]

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