DVD: Celilo Falls – 50th anniversary edition

Celilo Falls DVD coverCelilo Falls and the Remaking of the Columbia River: 50th Anniversary Edition. This award-winning documentary uses rare archival footage and photos to examine a turning point in the history of the Pacific Northwest. For more than 10,000 years the region’s native peoples lived successfully off the land and waters. Salmon was a mainstay of the Indians’ diet, and for millennia Celilo Falls was the great Indian fishery on the mid-Columbia River, drawing people from throughout the West to trade for salmon. Then, in 1957, a giant hydroelectric dam at The Dalles drowned Celilo Falls and ended the fishery there for all time. Celilo Falls and the Remaking of the Columbia River provides a glimpse of life at Celilo as it once was and considers the cultural, social, and political forces that brought about its end. This 2007 edition marks the 50th anniversary of the inundation, with additional rare Celilo footage provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 2007. Color, DVD. 29 minutes. $19.95 plus $2 shipping and handling.

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