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We Are One

We Are All Part of One Whole:

April 26th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Philosophy

The idea that we are all part of a whole is expressed in many fields including biology and astronomy. However, when we are referring to philosophy we tend to look for less obvious signs of existence and often miss the evidence that is right in front of us. Observing the order and chaos occurring among each and every form of life from the microcosms of bacteria and viruses, to ants and birds, to the more difficult to observe cosmos including the seemingly endless life of rocks, and planets, to solar systems and galaxies, we continue to see the same behavior, as though we are all on the same path, destined to begin, consume, and end in a time and perspective all our own. From one side of the galaxy we seem to be a pin head, from an ant pile a tree appears as an entire planet. It is all a matter of perspective. But when the universe is already so inexplicable and wondrous, what need have we for unfathomable spirituality? It is all here in front of us. We see and feel ‘God’ everyday. We ARE part of the whole. Nothing exists without the matter that makes up each of us and that matter continues to exist forever. What then are we to believe is separate from this matter? We never really “go” anywhere, do we? Whether flesh and bone, dust and mud, or liquid and gas, we remain in this place forever, as part of the whole. It cannot be disputed. The whole is all there is and if ‘God’ is everywhere, then we are all a part of that thing we have labeled, throughout history as ‘God.’

However, if this is the case, we cannot assume nor deny a consciousness within, of, or for this ‘thing.’ I would like to think of the energy that exists in the world, this ‘force’ that is the continuity of existence, and which causes interaction between objects, is the collective total of all conscious beings in the universe in action. This idea gives me answers to so many yet unanswered questions such as “how did the universe, the ‘Big Bang’ begin?” It began with a single thought, a consciousness, an urge to exist, desire, the cause of existence. In Buddhism this is called Samsara, the endless cycle of existence. According to Buddhism, it is our desire for the pleasures of this illusion we call the universe that causes us to continue to return and to suffer. The idea of ‘God’ according to Buddhism is not significant, and such would be the case if ‘God’ is nothing more than the whole of everything that exists, with no consciousness of its own, only a collection of conscious thought to push it ever forward into infinite existence.

Ultimately, the universe, or multiverses, are as inexplicable as any story of creation or of any description of ‘God’ in any religion we can explore. The universe has more secrets, more mystery, and more inconceivable reality than anything anyone’s mind can manifest. Why then are we not giving this credit of Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence to the universe itself? Why do we not label the universe as the ‘Almighty’ or deify it with ideas of spirituality, the spirituality that is the collective total of all sentient life in the world, which by the most generous of statistics are countless? Did the Pagan’s, with their seemingly simple understanding of the world, and its mechanics, actually have it right? The Universe or Multiverse IS what we have searched for as ‘God’ from before the beginning of recorded history. It’s that simple. There is no more, there is no less. What more do you need? We haven’t even begun to understand the workings of the nearest spaces in this place so vast that we dare to call it home. We are part of this whole, no matter how we look at it. We cannot separate ourselves from it, for that is our quest. As we came into being all at once, with that first glimmer of consciousness, so must we exit this seemingly endless cycle of existence…all together, all at once. No one truly does it alone. This is why we must, as Buddhist’s, become ‘bodhisattva’s,’ and as Christian’s become ’saved,’ or simply as conscious beings to become enlightened, until all conscious existence reaches the same state of awareness, an ‘omni-equivalent’ sense of enlightenment. Whenever you are ready, many are already waiting. : )

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  • Michael Joseph Matelyan Jr.

    Excellent blog. I felt as if you were reading my mind for I share quite the same beliefs.

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