I arrived in David at 6am after a 6 hour bus ride and was greeted by Jennifer and Chris who are managers. They picked up Bree, another new intern, and I in town at the bus station. Before we headed out to Alouatta Sanctuary we had to go over a lot of information. Some of this information included reading about all of the different types of snakes here, how to identify them and which ones are poisonous, and how to properly take care of a monkey bite. They also told me that before I put on shoes I had to dumped them out and look inside to make sure there were no scorpions inside. You have to look where you step and never put your hand anywhere you haven’t thoroughly searched because you may be putting it on something poisonous. Some of the dangers out here include spiders, scorpions, snakes, fairy wasps, caterpillars, ants, crocodiles, and electrocution. I have already seen two scorpions since I have been here and yesterday I wore snake guards for the first time. Whenever you walk in tall grass or the jungle you are required to wear snake guards to protect your ankles and calfs. Here at Alouatta Sanctuary there are two Tamara monkeys, Mr. T and Razor blade, two Capuchin monkeys, Ace and Cloud, and four howler monkeys, Coco and Nina are adults and live at the rehab center and Stevey and Rugbee are babies and live with us.

We live in Batipa and its on the water. The roofs are thatched and made from palm trees. Every thing is open and we have bug nets around the kitchen area and where we sleep. I wash dishes with a hose, the stove is two open burners, the kitchen area is open and food is just placed on shelves. If you open a bag of chips they will be stale in 30 minutes. I have to hand wash my clothes in a bucket and hang dry them. The shower is open and only has cold water. The other adult monkeys live at the rehabilitation center which is a 45 minute walk from here.

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7 thoughts on “Panama Week 1 – Jungle Safety

  1. What a cool article! My mothers side of my family are Panamanian and in fact my mom lived there until she was seven. She used to tell me about the amazing wildlife there but mostly is was her pet monkey (not sure what breed) and the reptiles she spoke of.

    And I learned something new new today…snake guards. Who knew?

    I’m not a student, just a guy who has Panama on his bucket list and who reads-up it.

    Best of luck on your internships and studies.

  2. Bronwyn,

    Love reading your blogs. The pix you posted are so cute. Sounds like quite a camp you have.
    I am loving the experiences you are having. What an adventure…..

  3. Love reading about your experiences..good for you…I couldn’t do it…no snakes for Aunt Bobbi..enjoy your experiences…so very proud of you…love you!!!


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