Tomorrow I leave for Panama and I am still in shock that my time here in Puerto Rico is up. These 7 weeks have gone by so incredible fast. This internship has been such a wonderful experience that I will always remember. I am going to miss all of the people I have become good friends with and of course the baby sea turtles. I know I will be coming back to this beautiful island not to far into the future.


The food here is amazing. A traditional Puerto Rican mean consists of rice and beans, tostones (fried plantains) with mayo ketchup of course, macaroni salad, some sort of meat, and maybe bread fruit. You would think after a month and a half I would get tired of rice but I can honestly say I am not. I can’t forget about the mofongo, a staple here in Puerto Rico, which is smashed plantains with some sort of meat and vegetables absolutely delicious. I am also going to miss the food stands on the side of the road. We would always stop and get a panadia which is like an empanada and they only usually cost a dollar what a steal.


Maunabo has some of the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone here is so welcoming and friendly. When you greet someone here you hug and kiss their cheek instead of a handshake. Also when your driving people will always wave to you whether they know you or not. I got to know some of the other local volunteers that are apart of the ATMAR organization and they are all wonderful people. Since being here I have gotten to know and live with 5 other interns, Kelsey, Chelsea, Lyan, Clay, and Jorge, plus a few regulars who stop by and stay for a couple nights. After 7 weeks of working and living together I have gotten to know them very well and will miss them so much.


Goodbye Puerto Rico I’m going to miss you


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