Today, I woke up at about 7 am to go on a morning beach patrol. I patrolled Larga with Clayton one of the other interns here at ATMAR. We found two new hawksbill nests and one hatched nest which we had to mark for later due to time constraint we needed to be back at the center and ready by 8:30 for a presentation. Jorge, Clay, and I went to the local gym with Luis to give a presentation. There were about 150 to 200 students present. The point of the presentation was to conserve ¬†Maunabo’s natural beauty instead of industrializing it with big name stores like Walmart and Target. Currently you will find no stores like that here only little markets and bakeries. Maunabo has gorgeous beaches, mountains, and a unique, unspoiled culture. It is also one of the poorest towns in Puerto Rico, but if you really want to know what Puerto Rico is like then you have to get out of San Juan and go to town like Maunabo. Clay and I both spoke briefly about our experience here and how amazing our internship has been. After we went back to the center and made sea turtles signs for the beaches informing people to be cautious of the nests. I look a nap to recharge because in the late afternoon early evening we had to go back to Larga and work the nest from the morning. It was an uneventful nest with no alive baby sea turtles. After Larga we went to California to patrol. We each ended up working a nest. My nest had 86 hatched turtles and I found 3 alive babies which is always a treat. So that was my Thursday.


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