writing exercise #8

the most interesting thing I have learned is that the gut-brain commuication can influence the colonization of microbiome of babies. When I was doing the research for the writing exercise #7, the most information I got was about the usage of antibiotics or the mode of delivery. Researches have done plenty of studies on the external factors, but it looks like we still need more efforts on the internal factors.

Gut-brain communication occurs via interactions between the gut microbiome and PIN pathways, including cytokines, endocrine, and neural pathways. Powerful inflammatory stimulus such as LPS can go cross the intestinal interface and get the peritoneal cavity. This may stimulate a inflammatory response.

I may start my final essay by doing the research first. After I get a general idea about what I am going to put into my essay, I will write down a outline. I may do some further researches during the process of writing.

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