Writing Exercise #12

Microbial communities in our body promote a sense of neutrality in our body. If unbalanced, there is a reaction to set it “right.” The movement of the body systems and particulates towards “righting” an off in our body can set off chain reactions all throughout the rest of our body. This can lead to a change in mental health state. The details on this phenomena are few but it poses a provocative question in the search for answers in how we can manipulate our brains by changes to our body.

I will share this link –

The Emotional Causes Of Disease

This website goes over the bridge of emotions and which diseases they lead to or cause. What hurts the research of connection mind and matter is when it sounds too wackadoo. People want to believe that pills fix problems. But what we miss out on sometimes is that our emotions trigger the hormones and chemicals that pills provide – so in my opinion, there is much more to be done socially, culturally, and medically as well to study and understand our own control and power over our body and disease.

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